We are currently reading All Quiet On The Western Front. and there was a scene that really intrigued us. So basically, the main character and his friends are using the restroom as an excuse to slack off from duty and kind of escape from reality. As soldiers, they don’t get enough leisure time, and the training is harsh. We can relate to this, because they crave alone time just as much as we do. The way they artfully hid from their superiors reminded us of how normal people, who want to get out of doing chores, family events, and work, would hide. We’re pretty sure everyone has used the restroom or some other place to try and get out of doing chores. The restroom, of course, being the ideal place for doing so, since your parents can’t rush you while you’re doing your “business”.

As we mentioned above, everyone has a time when they need a place to just escape from reality and be alone where no one can pester or nag them. We guess with life going on, and other people around you, it’s pretty hard to be able to obtain such leisure time. That is why, because we very dearly care about you random strangers on the net, we would like to lend you a hand by giving you our “Top Ten Places to Hide When You Just Can’t Handle Life” list.

(A little side note: Some of these places might not be the most pleasant or best hiding spots in the world, because one of us has never really hidden in a restroom to avoid chores or to just be alone. What this other particular person did was try to prolong and delay until her loving dear mother threatened her to kick her out of the house. We apologize in advance).

1. Bathtub. bathtub

What other place can be better than this? You’ve got nice, hot water to relax in, a book you could enjoy, a toilet right beside you when you need to go, and a curtain of some sort to keep you from being found!

2. Underneath the stairs.attic

This might not be the most cleanest place to hide in, but you can always pretty it up by cleaning it out, putting some glow-in-the-dark stickers, lighting candles so you can see, and drawing on the walls so you can put your artistic talent on display! You can also re-discover your inner-kid by pretending that’s you’re a superhero at his/her super secret headquarters of justice. The best part is, your mother (boss, sister, brother, father, etc) will probably never even think to look for you under the seemingly-normal stairs.

                                                                            3. Attic. attic

As long as you’re not afraid of rats, bats, the dark, and the eerie feeling of something about to grab your feet and drag you any second, this is the ideal place for someone who needs a time-out from reality. Just imagine the peace and quiet you would get. And, if your attic is fancy enough to have one, you can look out at the sky through the window and do some star gazing. Just grab a pillow, a blanket or two, food, beverages, and you’re all set for leisure time for a good three hours. (Do you notice anyone in that picture?)

4. Supply Closet. closet

If you’re feeling classic, this is the best choice for you. It’s easy to access and you don’t necessarily need anything but yourself and maybe something to entertain you (even though there’s plenty in the supply closet. There’s a vacuum – what fun!). There’s also probably a light so you don’t need to bring any light source. A bit retro, but definitely an effective way to get some time alone.

5. Park.parc

Probably a last resort when a certain person just won’t leave you alone. Wind blowing in your face, soft grass underneath, nature crawling up and down your arms, trees swaying, and clouds roaming. The ideal place to just lie down and to enjoy and be in the moment of peace.

6. Rooftops. IMG_2657

If you are not afraid of heights and like staring at a quaint neighborhood, this hiding spot is the best for you. Up on the rooftops, all chatter becomes distant and unimportant. A loud partying neighborhood on the fourth of July can become a beautiful scene to observe while you enjoy the breeze flying past you. Your sibling’s muffled conversations with her imaginary friend sounds cute and innocent. The sounds of dishes being washed, conversations being made, even airplanes flying by will just add to the magical air of being on rooftops. It may be called ‘listening to the music of the world’. However, as a fair warning, be extra careful. As magical as I make it sound, magic won’t save you from a potential fall.

7. In Bed. IMG_2766

This is one of my favorite hiding spots. In bed, with a book, under the covers, is every lazy Sunday for me. When someone walks by, pretend to be dead asleep. When I say dead, I mean D-E-A-D, dead. Practice some snoring or pretend to drool, do anything that seems like you need this sleep more than a bear needs during hibernation. If you do this well enough, no one will dare disturb unless it is an emergency. When you are alone again, pull the covers down, and keep enjoying that book. (:

8. Random chairs.IMG_2770

How much guts do you have? Do you ever see those discarded chairs or sofas that lay outside of someone’s house? Well, walk right up to those things and sit right down. Bring some friends, make yourself comfortable. Have some drinks out, make the best of it. No one will disturb you. Of course, everyone will think you’re crazy, and will not want one word with you. However, aside from the occasional awkward glances, I find sitting on these chairs quite calming. First of all, they are out in the open and on grass, and under the big sky. It’s fresh air, enjoy. If you don’t want to sit on a random chair, feel free to move one of your own outside. Whether it is in the front or back yard, it states that you moved out there for some time to yourself, and people will probably try their best to respect that. (I find that a random one works better if you want desperate solitude though.)

8. Trunks. trunk

Well, trunks are usually the place where people find dead bodies, which makes it one of the last places anyone would look. Just make sure that it is a SUV or something roomy with air. In the back of a trunk, with all that space, fill it with blankets, pillows, and playthings, and you are set for about a couple of hours. Roll down a few windows in the car to let a breeze come in. I remember days when it would get comfy enough to sleep in the back of my mom’s SUV. Remember to duck down when people walk by.

9.Walk. IMG_2786

Walking is the best kind of exercise. It’s something for the lazy people. And it’s something for the solitude seekers too. No one really walks anymore. Well, for fun anyway. Just tell people that you will take a walk because it’s too stuffy, and very few will want to join you. On your walk, there will be nothing but you and still houses, garden flowers, brick walls, maybe a pet.

10. Other Trunks.IMG_2656

Other trunks? Well, the tree trunks of course. If you are up to climbing a tree, this is the perfect place. It is like perfection up in a tree, just pick the right spot. Pick a spot not too high on the tree, but not too low that it wouldn’t conceal you. Bring friends, whisper to each other, laugh, listen to the leaves as the wind blows it, listen to the padding of footsteps down below, listen to the birds. Everything up in a tree feels intimate. Go two, three branches up and you will achieve this bliss. If anything, build a mini tree house.



  1. I loved this. When I was a kid my two favorite places were the roof. I’d hide behind the chimney and read a book and a tree. I actually installed a hammock about 10 feet up a tree in the branches so my mom couldn’t find me. Bravo. Great post.

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