Valentine Bows



To get more followers, we are going to give away bows on Valentine’s day! We do this give away as a bribe to our audience, but we would like to remind everyone that we want
an active audience. Even after meeting the conditions for this give away, we would love it if you become a regular follower and check up on us once in a while and give a comments and opinions. And if you do get a bow, we hope that reminds you to check this blog. (:


1. Follow us on this site if you are able to function the site. This site is sometimes temperamental, but please give it a few tries.

2. Comment with your first name, followed by your whole name initials down below (as well as any other comment or questions).


We only have a limited amount of bows so it will be first come first serve when we hand them out on Valentine’s day. We will try to make as many as needed because the list will be on this site. But, we hope you will understand if there will not be enough. We will try to post the exact number maybe the day before valentines in the comment box, so be prepared for that. When you do come, please remember the name and initials you put in the comment box. Then, you will be able to pick out one of our handmade bows, and we will be happy to help you chose one. We will be outside of the Media Center/Library of FVHS during lunch. If you are not a student, please contact us through to see if there is any way to get you your very own bow.


 IMG_28361. Wear it as a tie on a shirt.

Use this as a classic way to pump up an everyday outfit. All the bows are quite colorful and can make a shirt feel unique. To attach it on a shirt, just bobby pin it on to the shirt. To get something even more classy with a collar shirt (as shown), hide the bow’s bobby pin with the outer layer of the button up side.

IMG_28352.Wear it as a hair tie.

Simply use this bow on your hair. You can use it as shown by the picture at the back to hide the hair tie, or pin up your bangs. Wear it on your head any way you would like. (:

IMG_28453. Backpack pin.

Pin this bow on your backpacks or bags any way you want. They match and go well with anything and you are free to pick out any that are available at the time you are there.

IMG_28424. Pocket happiness

Try stuffing a bow in your pockets and see how it works out. Maybe, it will make you feel free to use your pockets more. Maybe, stuff a pencil in it? Go out all nerd!

These are only a few ways to work this bow. Honestly, these little things can be used for anything and we would love to see how you worked our work of art! Feel free to comment down below with pictures or descriptions or anything. I hope you will enjoy and participate!



  1. Uhm, people of the internet, I know I approved some of these comments with your full names on it, but.. it has to stop. You were just supposed to put your first name and the initial of your last name, NOT your whole name. (e.g. Bob W.) So if you can, please post it like the example I have given you. I’ve already edited the ones that put the full name, so from now, please please please, only first names and last name initial. Thank you!

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