Keep Calm and Carry On

 Collage of panic button and soldier

 Panic. We’ve all experienced it before. Whether it’s before you go on stage for a talent show you didn’t prepare for, or when you have a project due the next day and you haven’t even started it.  We all know very well how that feels. Your palm is sweaty, your mind is blanking, you can’t stay still,  you can’t breathe properly, you can’t think properly, and end up acting on impulse. As I was reading All Quiet on the Western Front, I found that many of the new recruits mentioned in the book died or were fatally injured, because they started panicking in the face of death. Never being educated on what to do out there in the war, they ran straight on to their dooms. We rarely experience something as extreme as a life or death situation, but I’m sure most of us experience a panic just as bad about every semester when our report cards come home. So I’ve decided to help you dear, random strangers on the net on what to do when such a situation occurs.

1. Calm Down

    A bit cliché, but it works. If you think about it, panicking isn’t going to do any good for you. Sit down, get a cup of hot tea, and try to relax for a bit. Take a deep breath – inhale and exhale. Know for yourself that if you start panicking and conjuring up some plan that is destined to fail, you’ll just make it harder for yourself in the end. So take a couple of minutes to just relax and focus on how dire the problem really is.


2. Slowly Bring Up The Subject

     Never, and I repeat, NEVER let your parents or your guardian find out about your grades before you even show or hint it to them. When they’re in a good mood, slowly (and carefully) bring up about how extremely stressed you are and no matter how hard you try, your grades won’t go up as much as you would like. Then tell them how much harder school has become and even with your best, a satisfactory grade just won’t happen. Be sure to lower their expectations for your grades. This is a bit stereotypical, but honestly, if you have Asian parents, this might be a bit harder to accomplish. But do not lose hope, because all parents have the same kind of heart. Even if they’re strict, they will, above all else, care more about your well-being and happiness than grades. Trust me on this one. Even Rodrick Heffley agrees.

3. Do Your Chores (and I recommend more than just chores) Before You Are Told

A great way to earn brownie points from whoever does the household work. Even if it might be a bit time consuming and it gets in the way of your game schedule, make sure to do your chores before your mother, or whoever does the household chores, tells you to. Try to look like you’re working hard, and when your parents ask what has gotten into you, make sure to reply with something along the lines of “I guess I’ve noticed how tired you were lately, so I decided to help out with the household chores, is all.” This will soften them up a bit, so when your report card comes home, even if you’re not the best student, you’ll be the number one son or daughter in their hearts.

Doing Chores

4. If All Else Fails…

    Although there’s a very low chance of this happening, I guess there are a diversity of parents in the world. So if you have already tried doing those things mentioned above and it hasn’t worked out for you, here’s what you do: Burn the report card , rip it to shreds, feed it to your dog, or just hide it. This may delay your parents from finding out for about a week or two, so try to enjoy those couple of days before you get grounded.

What happens when you get a B..



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