Announcements: Possible Events?!?!


As you all know, we’re trying to promote this blog in order to gain more followers and viewers (the reason unknown to you unless you’ve read the “About Us” page). We’ve already tried this earlier on Valentine’s day by making bows and giving it away to followers. It worked out decently, so we decided to make another one for Easter. We have a general idea on what we’re going to do, but feel free to leave some suggestions in the comments. What we’re planning to do is an “Easter Egg Hunt” or just another give-away to those who know the secret code for the day (it will be posted daily for a week). Everyone must be aware that an event is nothing without participators, so if you can, please tell us whether or not we should even bother doing this, so we don’t end up doing something pointless. Thank you in advance.


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