Am I Jealous?


Jealousy – that feeling you get whenever something good happens to someone else. My best friend, who I’ve known for almost ten years now, was recommended for our school’s highest award. At first, I was beyond jealous, but I also felt that she really deserved it. It’s the sad reality of every human – we can’t congratulate someone with our whole hearts if they receive something we want. That award was the goal of my high school career. I still have over a year left for a chance, but it’d be nice if I was able to receive it now, I guess.


Now the question is, am I still jealous and will this jealousy affect the way I treat her? Yes, I am EXTREMELY jealous, but no, it will not affect the way I treat and feel about her. She deserves it more than me. I can’t slack and expect to receive such a high honor. I’ll have to step up my game next year and hopefully be able to receive it then. My new goal now is to be able to receive that award with my friend, walking on that stage side-by-side.



  1. I can totally relate to how when you’re jealous, even just a little, you can’t wholeheartedly congratulate your own good friend. I feel bad afterwards for even having been jealous at all. But sometimes a little jealousy has its perks. It can make make you more competitive thus allowing you to strive for your goals. Hope you get that award!

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