I’ve Got School Spirit(?)

Out of nowhere, very randomly one day, I had an overflowing passion for school spirit. So, to show off this school spirit, I decided to go to the Culture Festival held at my school today.  I’ll be honest here – this is the first time I actually went to a school event. I planned to take a whole bunch of pictures of the food I ate. BUT, I had to go after my swim practice was over, so I was starving; the moment I saw food, I forgot about this blog and everything, and gobbled all the food up. It was pretty expensive though – I was broke within an hour.  To make up for my lack of abstinence, I decided to take pictures of people and of course, food that looked delicious, but I was too poor to afford.

20130322_184436 20130322_185851 20130322_190045 20130322_190239 20130322_191455 20130322_192214

I have to admit, it was a pretty small festival, but a fun experience all the same. During the period in which I was completely broke, a little girl came up to me to sell me a little light saber. If I had money, I honestly would have bought it, even if it was a rip-off (it was three dollars for that tiny little thing). Honestly, some clubs were really desperate, using little kids to get people to buy their items… It was pretty nice experience, getting school spirit out of my system. Maybe I’ll go to the next school event, if I’m not too lazy, that is. I’d honestly rather go home, eat, and sleep, but you know, going out once in a while instead of being locked inside your room writing  a blog is nice.

20130322_191658(0) 20130322_191939 20130322_184810



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