Promises Are Made To Be Broken


Promises – things that are rarely kept, yet made all the time. Yesterday night, I asked my dad if he can take me to a swimwear store so I could buy. well, a new swimsuit and a new goggle. He said “yes” and we made a “promise”. I’m pretty sure you all know what happened next. Yes, you’re right – he broke it. I woke up around 1 p.m. (I was extremely tired from the previous day) today, ate brunch, and called to ask him when we were going. He told me he completely forgot and made another appointment. I was about to flip a table.


You may be wondering why I was so mad. Here are the reasons:

1. The fact that he completely forgot about me, HIS DAUGHTER, and made another appointment.

2. The appointment wasn’t work-related and made with his friend whom I strongly dislike.

3. A new swimsuit and new goggle was urgent and today was the only time I could actually buy it.

4. I’m a teenage girl

So basically, I started yelling and was on the verge of throwing everything in sight. I managed to calm down about two hours later. My mom called me then, telling me that my dad called her earlier (two hours ago) and asked her to try and calm me down. She wasn’t able to call me until then, since she was busy at work. Well, it was a bit too late to calm me down since I already was, but just the fact that he actually cared whether or not I was at home kicking the wall in frustration, was enough for my momentary hatred for my dad to disappear.


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