ImageKangTheDestroyer – a pretty strong name, don’t you think? You’d imagine someone with this kind of nickname to have no fears or at least a fear that is deep, something that has a story behind it. Okay, well, I’m a normal teenage girl too. I only got this nickname because of my fifth grade math teacher who just so happened to make this nickname based on my push-ups, but that’s another story.

So today, I woke up from a pretty bad nap. So, to cheer myself up, I decided to take a shower, since showers always seem to help me relax and calm myself. After the shower, I came out of the bathroom, and there it was – a ginormous creepy spider on the side of the wall. You may think: “Oh geez, it’s just a spider. What’s the big deal? Just kill it.” Honestly, I can’t even kill a fly. How was I going to kill this huge, ugly, disgusting spider? I was freaking out.


So I quickly grabbed my phone and called my aunt who lived five feet from my house. I would have just walked over and brought her, but I wasn’t letting this spider out of my sight. I probably called her about 20 times, but she still didn’t pick up. Frustrated, I called her daughter/my cousin, but she didn’t pick up either. I was about ready to explode. I was in the middle of a crisis here, and those two who literally live five feet away weren’t picking up their phones. Panicking, I called my mom at work. As I expected, she told me to “man-up” and kill it myself. Seeing that she was no help, I called my dad, who said just about the same thing. There was no escape – I had to face it myself.

Fly_SwatterIn order to annihilate that disgusting creature, I brought the ultimate weapon – the fly swatter. For about twenty minutes, I stood there, staring it down, giving it one last chance to get out of the house. Okay, I admit, it wasn’t that, I was just too scared to move. I mean, what if I swatted it so hard, it’d leave its guts on the wall? What if it didn’t die after one swat? After twenty long minutes, I finally built up the courage to move towards it and SMACK – I killed it. I grabbed a bunch of tissue paper, picked it up, and threw it away in the trash. In that moment, I felt so proud of myself for killing that spider, I almost did a victory dance. Yes, KangTheDestroyer defeated the enemy. I felt like such a hero, even though I did it to save myself from the wretchedness of spiders.



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