Bad Luck All The Way


We’ve all experienced a bad day, but for me, this is the first time I’ve experienced a bad week. At the start of Spring Break, I caught the flu and was forced to stay at home and sleep. On top of that, it’s allergy season, so I was basically sneezing my butt-ox off along with all the fevers, headaches, and coughs. I also happened to get an eye infection that lasted for five days and an inflammation in the nose that made everything I sniffed smell like rotten eggs and caused a nosebleed every two hours or so. Due to that inflammation, my favorite hobby, which was eating, was basically ruined – I only ate to satisfy my hunger.


When my break was almost over, I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. It went pretty well and I wasn’t feeling as irritated as I did during the past couple of days, but then, of course, it didn’t last. The dentist told me bite was off and that I’m going to have to go see a specialist to get braces. They didn’t even mention anything about braces six months ago when I last visited them, but now they say I have to. Great, right?


Due to being sick, I was allowed to ditch swim practice as well as a swim meet. You may think that I was “lucky” to skip practice, but honestly, I wish I would’ve gone. School started and I was well enough to start swimming again. That one week took a real big toll on me. I became even slower than I already was and on top of that, while doing a backstroke, I hit my head on the wall – hard. It was fine until the next day when my head felt like it was going to burst. This slight concussion is going to cost me probably another day or two of skipping practice, and it already caused me to skip another swim competition. I also took a math test in this condition and now, all I’m hoping for is just one normal day, without anything bad happening. But because bad luck seems to be oozing out of me this week as well, I can’t help but wonder…what next?



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