When You Don’t Have Enough Money …. [Food Trucks @School]


There was a Food Truck Festival today.  Yes, today, when we just so happened to bring zero dollars to school. The agony of only being able to take pictures of the food was almost hard too hard to handle.  But I got through it, thanks to LittleTunaCan who wanted to do a picture-taking contest for this blog. I ended up winning (of course), so here are the pictures:

20130426_175106 20130426_175054 20130426_175016 20130426_174913 20130426_175158 20130426_174800(0)

Although I wasn’t able to try all of these delectable goods, it was pretty fun. During the time period in which I was taking these pictures, I stopped random people who just bought their food and freaked them out by asking if I could take a picture of it. If only they knew I wasn’t just some poor girl who couldn’t afford food and taking pictures to make up for it (although it is partly true), but a blogger with a passion for her readers. I also noticed that some food trucks had long lines and some not at all. One particular one you will see below didn’t have a line at all, even though their food was delicious beyond comprehension (they were kind enough to give me a sample). Luckily for them, near the ending time, they had a huge crowd.

20130426_174530 20130426_175123 20130426_174614 20130426_175631

This Food Truck Festival was a really cool and fun experience for me. Even though I wasn’t able to eat all the food shown above, I was at least able to take a picture of it. Hopefully, they will continue this next year when I’ll make sure to bring a  pocket full of money. I give a helpful advice to all our readers: Bring money with you at all times if you don’t want to miss some mouth-watering goodness that will pass by in your life. You can wait for the food, but the food doesn’t wait for you.


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