Nourishing the Ray of Hope: Children

People make mistakes, people do bad things. The world cannot be classified as  perfect place at all. Sometimes, nothing goes right, and the choices seem to lead down a shady road. Bad choices are PicMonkey Collagemade, and people get hurt. This pattern trends, continues, circles around humanity. It brings pain to everyone, in all different kind of forms. This pattern isn’t new, it’s been around for about ever. What surprises me most though, out of all this cacophony of calamity, there is something that humanity provides for that is salvageable: pure, innocent children. These children are produced by a race that has been tainted by pain, misery, remorse. Yet, with one look at them, a person with the worst intentions can see hope.

As I have said before, all of humanity has at least made one mistake, committed one sin before. However, these children IMG_3856are produced, full of innocence, with bright futures as sure as their smiles. They provide hope for the future, hope for the old generation, hope for humanity. Each generation passes on something to these children. The mistakes of the generation before can be passed down in wisdom to the next. The children are cultivated with the love, care, and wisdom of the older generation. They will eventually grow up, make mistakes, and gain wisdom of their own. And, the cycle will continue again. These children, that are so important, should be cared for and looked after right? They should be taught of their older generation’s wisdom, taught how to act, how to live. I am still a child somewhat myself, so maybe I shouldn’t have a say in this, or maybe I should be heard from every corner just because I am still a child. It’s just a lot of the times, the way we are raised, we go to school, learn our school topics, and walk on home and cram for that next test. All those tests are important, but what about our behavior? I’ve seen even an A-type student do drugs. I’ve heard of elementary school students doing all sorts of bad stuff that an Elementary kid shouldn’t even know about. It’s not just that either. Even the little things like, learning not how to bully, how to be strong, how to work hard should be taught to students. There is more to living than getting an A on an exam.

Okay, working for an A for an exam takes a lot of hard work, so grades are important in teaching a kid how to work hard, yes. But what I was rambling on about in that last paragraph was to express what I think my English teacher is trying to do. My English teacher makes us do this blog. And lately, seriously, I have been complaining way too much about it. Until about last week, I was really annoyed with this blog. It’s not really super fun to do these ‘reframes’ all the time. But, after a good lecture from my teacher, I feel kind of better about this blog (not only because I got an idea for this one post). Well, basically, my teacher, Mr. T, told us that he is trying to teach us how to be better than everyone else. Better? Yes, better. Though we don’t do a lot of test prep in Mr. T’s class, we do a whole lot of projects. Anywhere ranging from artwork, to music, to videos, and this blog. All of those projects are not only very annoying and stressful, it’s to help us explore our strengths or even strengthen them. We, as Mr. T’s kids, know how to make videos, meet deadlines, do this post. It’s experience points, and a stress work, just to make us stronger. And I thank Mr. T for that, because we are more prepared for live, not just a test.

IMG_3858 Mr. T also said something that one day too. He shared a story with us in class about how his son had said to him, “I don’t want to go to school.” Mr. T then said to us, “Guys, I hope teachers are thinking about how they can make school interesting for their students.” That really sparked a flame in me to write this post. I am very afraid that some kids aren’t going to be raised with the even half the care Mr. T wants to provide them. I don’t know if there are many parents or adults like this out there, but I hope not many. In the Count of Monte Cristo, there is one scene where Monte Cristo starts to regret his actions as he sees a dead child, due to his actions. Monte Cristo then sees that he has corrupted innocence, a pure young boy. He has taken that boys life away from him, stripped off hope from a generation. And, when children aren’t raised with care and thought it’s about the same. Of course, there is a chance that the child will turn out fine, but it would really suck to be a kid no one cares about. All adults have the responsibility to raise children, even if not their own. The adults who interact with children should always care and be as aware as Mr. T is about raising the future generation. Adults shouldn’t give up the chance to make a difference in a child’s life, or they may end up as remorseful as Monte Cristo.


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