Sweet Banana Alacazama



Give it a try and read through these Chiquita brand bananas. It’s pretty awesome right? Each bundle of Chiquita bananas has one sticker on it. It’s neat, sweet, and thoughtful. I’ve never really been a banana lover before, but-wow-these bananas have changed me. I first noticed the sticker when my mom sneaked a banana into my backpack for lunch and my very first Chiquita banana said, “I ❤ your <3”. It was a good eye-catcher, as I peeled away my banana peel. I was so hooked onto the little sticker that I wore it around on my shirt and forgot about it for the rest of the day.

You can call me a sucker for the brand’s bribery/sweetness/trickery/propaganda, but I don’t mind. The bananas are fun to read, making it fun to eat. They actual made me start liking bananas (yes, I am a total sucker). It’s a cool way to make someone feel special. In my mind, it’s feels just as special to eat these bananas and read the sticker than when drinking out of those mugs that say “number one dad”, or something. I don’t know, it makes you feel special.

So, please Chiquita, you are doing a good job. Keep making these bananas, please; someone here is enjoying them. What would I do without my daily dose of potassium, anti-cramp fruit, and feelings of specialness? I hope everyone else enjoy these bananas just as much.

And, I just want everyone to know:

“I ❤ your <3” 


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