Monk, Depress Me Less

We are currently watching Seven Samurai in English class. For those who aren’t familiar with the movie, it follows a village in Japan in need of protection from bandits. The village is a farmer’s village in the seventeenth century. Farmers in Japan at that time were not highly regarded nor did they have much money; they made up the lowest class in the hierarchy. However, these farmers in this one village, were threatened by bandits who wanted their barley. As a solution to that, they made a plan to do the impossible, ask for help from a samurai. A farmer getting aide from a samurai was unheard of, because of the samurai’s class level. But, the farmers needed just that to survive.

The farmers’ search for a samurai was not easy. In the very beginning, hungry and depressed, on a rainy day, they encountered a defeated samurai in an inn. He was sad, and beaten by a few homeless thugs. When he overheard that the farmers were willing to pay food for a samurai, he jumped down and offered his services. Unluckily for him, the thugs were still there, and laughed at him and threaten to beat him up again. All this happened while a blind monk in the corner played sad music on his instrument.

As the samurai retreated, he told the monk, “Monk, stop playing that music. It’s depressing.


That scene was funny, but the samurai was right about lightening up. We think the makers of the film agreed with us too on that subject. Because even though the movie hit a sad subject, subjects about human warring and hunger and hardships, the characters always were joyful, playful, and ready to laugh.

So, in honor of the mood, we have decided to keep the laughter and joy going.


Maru the cat and many other cat videos on Youtube have caught the eyes of many and for a reason too. Maru is funny, cute, and irresistible.  He can turn anyone into a cat lover by making them laugh.



This was my study guide plan for my AP test. But it got out of hand and a little bit ‘perfectionist’ status. Soon, it wasn’t about studying, but having fun making this thing.



I love watching kids. Maybe it’s because I am not a parent yet, but watching them play and listening to them is so fun. The stuff they do and say can surprise you in many ways. And at least once, they will keep your mood up by doing something super cute.



I have to say, shopping isn’t just a girl’s best friend. Shopping in any form can make anybody happy. Whether it’s groceries, games, clothes, it’s guaranteed to raise moods.


kidsWho doesn’t like food? I don’t think I need to explain this one.



When I’m feeling down, I like to be alone, reading a book. I don’t know, I guess I just like being able to escape into the world of fantasy. Some stories remind me that the world is more than it seems to be.



Another form of escaping from reality. My dreams are really crazy and random, so I wake up laughing or smiling after an hour nap.


                  Children Lying with Heads Together       childhood2

I just like looking back to when I was a kid and how fun and innocent the world appeared. A past where everything was stress-free and I was still somewhat cute.


Family Having Fun At Home Together  friend-fingers

Although most of my depressing days, I prefer to be alone, it’s always nice to have people who care for you. Who knows? They just might turn your whole day around with a simple sentence.


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