Heels and Make-up – Medieval Torture Devices… I Don’t Understand Girls

Today, I went to a swim banquet, and well, it was a semi-formal event. This time, I decided to pretty myself up for once, and well, I kind of regret it. First of all, heels. Sure, they give the extra boost to vertically-challenged people such as myself, but standing in them for a couple of minutes, let alone HOURS, is indeed very difficult to tolerate.

high-heels-0OH NO

Second of all, make-up. This is probably the first time I’ve put on more than lotion on my face. My face literally felt like it weighed a ton. And it took me probably more than an hour to figure how to apply it and actually put it on. Honestly, I don’t know how most girls in my school even do this daily. It seems so tedious, I just don’t quite get why they would want to put these masks on.

Even though I’m a girl, and I want to feel pretty many times, I still don’t quite understand the girls that go through all that trouble EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Just this one day completely wiped me out. I’m only alive thanks to food right now.  So to all the girls that manage to put make-up on and wear heels nearly everyday, I salute thee and respect you.  You are indeed strong, dedicated, pretty girls.


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