School Has Come Back to Haunt Me…

So I haven’t been posting anything lately, because I decided to quit this blog. It was first created for a grade in English class, so honestly, I thought of blogging as homework. Well, my wonderful sophomore year is over now, and it’s no longer for a grade. I haven’t posted anything for about three to four months now, and it’s been about five weeks school started. I’ll just say this straight- I am STRESSED and I’m ready to snap in two right now.  Everyday is the same thing – homework, homework, and MORE homework. Interesting enough, I had an assignment in which I had to write about my favorite activity and why I did this certain activity. Well, I had nothing to write about. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE NO TIME FOR LEISURELY ACTIVITIES.  So many of you (or however many viewers we have left) are probably guessing that I’ll be using blogging as an excuse to rant. Well, you couldn’t be more correct. If you want to continue reading about probably one of the most nerdiest, fun-deprived, exhausted, and cranky teenage girl, then you are right where you want to be.

Stressed - image of me

(You have no idea how accurate the image above is of me). Anyways, until I have something painful and stressing in my life that might amuse you internet surfers, I must be going now to study for a quiz. Thank you and have a wonderful life.


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