I Sassed a Teacher and Lived to Tell the Tale

One ordinary day, I was feeling extra sassy for some reason. I came into History class, sat down, and waited quietly until class started, like a good model student….
Okay, long story short, I was raising my hand(elbow on the desk) to ask a question. He didn’t see my hand and was about to move on until some guy pointed out that I was raising my hand.

Teacher: “Oh. That’s… a hand?” <– Trying to justify his mistake of overlooking my low-raised hand

Me: Well, it’s not a foot.

Yes, and like the mature AP students my classmates were, they started going “OOOOOHHH. BURRN”. For a moment, I felt like I completely lost my chance of getting a letter of recommendation from him as well as falling in his disfavor.


(My inner mind at that very moment)

Contrary to my thoughts, he just laughed it off and said, and I quote: “Sassy. I like it.”

What a cool teacher right? Most teachers are all about respect. If you dissed them, you would probably be given a detention and at the worst-case-scenario, be sent to the principal for a “talk” about your “issues”.

Yes, and that is the end to my interesting tale. I managed to sass a teacher in his lair and come out unscathed. Not much of rant, but I thought I should share this. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful life.

P.S. It’s my friend’s birthday soon and I’m kind of worried about what to get her. Any suggestions? She’s turning sixteen, she likes the color green, she’s Hispanic, uhm… errr… she’s an athlete (more specifically a swimmer), and well, that’s all I can think of right now. Please leave some suggestions in the comments!



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