Hey, Do You Remember When…?


As I was organizing things in preparation for the finals tomorrow (yes, it’s that cruel and most stressing time of year again), I found some poems I wrote back in good old 8th grade and something I wrote quite recently. Well, if you want to read them, here it is:

Not the Person I know

You said you’d never replace us

But those words were all just lies

You’ve been gradually changing year by year

The reality we wanted to deny

All the traitors in our lives,

I’ve never would’ve imagined

That you would wind up like them

That just proves to show,

You’re not the same person we know

Ever since you met them,

Your life became chaotic

So why do you try so hard to defend them?

Those little insects, they stick to you like gum

They’re just like mosquitoes,

Sucking out your blood

When you addressed me as your sister

I was showered with bliss

I never thought the day would come

when you’d start treating us like crumbs

You declared that we would be friends until the end

But now you treat us with condescend

Now that I see this, it seems kind of overdramatic for a middle-schooler, but I guess I was feeling that much frustrated with that particular friend. The next one is pretty similar, but if you want to read it…

(No Title)

I used to believe we were sisters

But now I’m beginning to doubt

I used to assume we would be buddies forever

But now I figure our friendship is nothing whatsoever

I used to envy those fiends you called friends

But now the burden placed on my shoulders can be removed along with those pests

I used to be ecstatic whenever I saw you

But anyone can tell my expression now is apathetic

I consistently tried to patch up what you damaged

But the pieces that once fit can now never be bandaged

I used to constantly have disputes with you

But this is one mistake you can never undo

Last, but certainly not the least:

Why I Write

I write to express myself. I write to hide. I write about reality. I write when I want to create a different world from reality. I write because there is no limit to what can be written. I write to see the limit to what I can write. I write to remember what I was feeling days, months, or years from now. I write to forget what I was feeling days, months, or years from now. I write because only words can come close to my thoughts. I write because words are never enough. I write to entertain others. I write for myself. I write when I’m feeling inspired, I write when I’m feeling down. I write because I want to, I write because it’s fun. I write because I have to, I write to be graded. I write to challenge, I write to concur. I write to see my thoughts on paper. I write because I can’t draw. I write because I can’t voice out my thoughts, I write because I wonder how words came to be.

I have contrasting feelings when writing. I love it, I hate it, it’s fun, it’s boring, but no matter what, I can’t stop writing. I write because it’s the next natural thing to breathing, because I’ve been writing all my life and will write until the day I die. I write until it frustrates me to the point I want to rip my hair out, but the accomplished feeling I get when I see my work can’t be replaced.

I write because writing is a part of me.

That pretty much sums up the reason why I keep blogging (although I haven’t for quite awhile). Okay, well, I must go study for finals now. Thanks for reading, if you’ve gotten this far into the blog post, and have a wonderful life



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