No, YOU’RE Crazy


Long time no blog, fellow strangers on the internet! It’s been awhile since my last upload, which was just a compliation of my past work. Well, this blog post is just about another one of my poems. It’s just a short one I wrote for my Psychology class. I managed to write it in twelve minutes (that’s a new record for me)! Anyway, here it is:

Short Poem (Untitled)

They’re walking along the halls

Their features pretty, kind, and tall

Smiling, they always approach me

But what do they really want to see?

Behind the masks they wear

Their motives are quite clear

Anyone can see if they tried

But instead they choose to hide

What they really are, but I know

Yet no one else will believe me so

I’ll let them see with their own eyes

That they want to see me die

You think I’m crazy, yes you do

But I know you’re just out to get me too

No, I am not crazy. This poem was just to show the viewpoint of someone with paranoid personality disorder (Doesn’t the poem itself kind of look like an outline of a person?). Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this short blog post and hopefully soon, I’ll post something more entertaining for you folks. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful life.


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