Only One Road


So I sat down late last night and had an epiphany. A sudden inspiration came to me and I couldn’t sleep until I finished it. I don’t know if you guys know, but I’m religious – more specifically, I’m a Presbyterian. However, not many people know, because I rarely proclaim it and I don’t I live the way a Presbyterian should. I try and try again to win the fight inside of me, but I lose most of the time. I put God in the sidelines and I put my interests first. I’m in my junior year of high school now, and I’ve hit a wall. I can’t remember anything or retain any knowledge whatsoever. It’s almost time for AP Testing and I can’t do anything. I’m overwhelmed with stress and I just can’t seem to focus. And then yesterday night, this poem just came to me and well… I’ll let you guys read it for yourselves:

Among the roads laid out before us

Only one leads to where He is

He waits for us at the other end

But how much longer must He wait?

We tell Him, “Later, Later. Just one more day.”

Yet later never comes, that’s just what we always say

We try to fill ourselves with worldly things

We will never stop, not even when we become kings

The empty space within our hearts

can never be filled until we part

with what ties us down to this earth

and turn to He who to all, gives birth

Lord, open my eyes so I can see

that You are truly where I want to be

Instead of “later” it is “now”

that I should go and happily bow

to You, my Lord, the only God

that accepts me even though I’m flawed

I always knew that if my relationship with Him was right, He would take care of everything. I’ve always known this and I wanted to believe in it but it never hit me until I wrote this poem. Well, I don’t know even after I’ve written it, that I’ll be able to leave everything in His hands, but I’m going to start trying – even harder than I have before. This is a fight between the two hearts inside of me, and hopefully, the side that wants to be with Him will win.


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