About Us

Who Are We? – LittleTunaCan and KangTheDestroyer

Q&A about us:

1. What is the purpose of this blog and what do you girls actually post on this blog?

KangTheDestroyer – Honestly, this blog was made for our school assignment. We will be posting things we learned about in class and re-framing it through our own interests. Hopefully, you will enjoy what we post and find laughter through it, since that is the goal we have set for this blog.

LittleTunaCan- This blog was made for our English class. For this assignment, we are suppose to “re-frame” our reading, express how the literature affected us in our ways of thinking. Our posts, however, are aimed to make our audience laugh. Laughing is important to me because it makes any situation easy, bearable, and fun.

2. What are your goals in life?

KangTheDestroyer – Graduating high school, graduating from college, getting a job I enjoy going to every day, get married, and have kids. Honestly, even if I can’t get married and have kids, I would just be happy not to be homeless on the streets.

LittleTunaCan- My goal in life is to better myself. I try to acknowledge my mistakes and then make goals to fix those problems. This has been my goal for quite a while and in that time, I have never achieved ‘perfection’. That is okay with me though. What makes me happy about this goal is that, with it, I have the ability to face my mistakes, and the capabilities to fix them. That is something that can make me laugh and smile.

3. Do you even have a life?

KangTheDestroyer – Well, obviously if I have goals in life, I must have a life. So yes, I do have a life.

LittleTunaCan- I have a life. Um… I am breathing, living, and having fun almost all the time. I have problems and I have bad days, and I get through it. So, I have a life, and it’s pretty good. (:

4. What are your favorite movies/TV shows?

KangTheDestroyer – I don’t really watch TV, so I’ll just be listing some of my all-time favorite movies: Tangled, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast (basically all Disney Princess movies), and Into The Forest of Fireflies.

LittleTunaCan- I like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Howl’s Moving Castle too. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. Hmmm.. Aside from those animations, my favorite movies are The Painted Veil, and The Timetraveler’s Wife. As for TV shows, I basically watch stuff from The Simpsons, New Girl, to Grey’s Anatomy genres.

5. Do you have any regrets?

KangTheDestroyer – Everyone must have something they regret, as do I. However, I believe everything happens for a reason and everything I choose to do has its own purpose. Our past is what makes us who we are in the present and I believe if I wished I have never done something, I’m wishing away a part of me.

LittleTunaCan- I have a lot of minor regrets all the time that I know it is better to let them go. My biggest regret though is that I feel like I don’t enjoy things enough. Even after I acknowledge that I haven’t enjoyed things enough, I still do it. It’s very easy to let stress, complains, and problems cloud you from just seeing a beautiful world. So, sometimes, when I feel really stressed out and when I feel like complaining, I will make myself sit down in the sun or some place calming, and lift my head up towards the sky. And after I take in that first deep breath, it is just awesome. I feel like I don’t do this enough and sometimes I will let all the stress get to me and I forget to enjoy stuff.

6. What are your biggest fears?

KangTheDestroyer – My biggest fear would be what would happen to me after I die. I am a religious person and I have certain beliefs on the afterlife. I believe in that afterlife, but what I fear is which part of that afterlife I would end up in.

LittleTunaCan- My biggest fear is letting myself down, and letting the ones that love me down, by failing to reach expectations.

7. What are your first thoughts when waking up in the morning?

KangTheDestroyer – “Already? I just fell asleep. What is this sorcery?”

LittleTunaCan- I am always surprised how warm my bed is. Incredibly warm… so that I never want to leave it.

8. What do you know about your partner-in-crime (AKA blog partner)?

KangTheDestroyer – I’m sorry to say that I don’t know much about my “partner-in-crime”. What I know about her is that she’s into fashion, she doesn’t get much sleep, she likes me (for some odd reason), can’t seem to explain her thoughts well, and that she is a hard-worker.  Through this blog, I will get to know her more through her individual posts and possibly be able to decipher 10% of what goes on in her head.

LittleTunaCan- I don’t know much about my “partner in crime”, but I have known her now for about four months. All I know about KangTheDestroyer is that she leaves a really good first impression on me. I think that it’s cool that KangTheDestroyer has that first impression on me because it’s very difficult for a person to achieve that kind of status. It’s like meeting a complete stranger and having the ability to tell them your insecurities, secrets, wishes, fears, and everything because you trust that they will react in a way that you will find respectful. So, I think KangTheDestroyer is very cool because her impression on me is exactly like that.

9. What would you do if a bear was chasing you and your partner?

KangTheDestroyer – I would trip her and keep running. You don’t need to outrun the bear – you just need to outrun the person next to you… What I would honestly do is try and run away as fast as possible with LittleTunaCan  while throwing some heavy objects and using difficult routes to slow the bear down.

LittleTunaCan- Hmmm.. we actually decided on all these questions together, but answering them is a different other story. Honestly, if a bear were to randomly start chasing me, I would panic and just scream run without care, as fast as I could. But if I were to be calm enough to plan stuff, I would like to be able to throw food at the bear. Of course, the food would not be KangTheDestroyer. It seems like now I know what to bring if I were to go camping in a bear area.

10. What is your pet peeve?

KangTheDestroyer – There are too many things that irritate me, so I will list a couple. People who swear, hypocrites, spoiled rich-kids, people who receive things they don’t deserve, people who think the world revolves around them, liars, jokes that aren’t funny, people who overstep the boundaries (going over the limit of my patience), people who get mad for no apparent reason, students who claim an A- isn’t good enough, and etc.

LittleTunaCan- My biggest pet peeve are people who do not consider others’ feelings. I know that it is most of the time unintentional, but sometimes it really gets on my nerves. Like if you can move a few inches on a bench for someone who has asked, then move. If not, just say, “I’m sorry,” or something, please don’t scream, “NO”. And making fun of someone only goes to an extent. Sometimes, you need to know when to stop. My other BIG pet peeve are those who can’t forgive. People make mistakes, but people also change.

You are welcomed to ask us any more questions down here in the comment box, and we will be happy to answer them.



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